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mimacom consulting was founded in 2016 as a global flowable group spin-off. The flowable group provides us with a strong backbone of 300 qualified software engineers all over the globe.

mimacom consulting consists of a growing network of diverse specialists, that consult from a business perspective with a strong IT affinity.

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Reinvent & Grow

Embark on a journey to user-centric and exciting new products and services that not only captivate your customers but maximize your company's innovative power.

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Accelerate & Deliver

The world demands flexibility, adaptability and a lot of creativity. Adopt agile methods of working to generate value faster, deliver regularly and empower your teams to become high-performing.

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Unleash & Engage

We shape/develop organizations by rethinking leadership and collaboration. Inspire people, engage customers and create a culture of growth through targeted change management initiatives.

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mimacom consulting empowers you to take care of your digital future.

Thanks to our end-to-end agile and lean innovation services we enable you, your organisation, and your employees by transforming your mindset and value chains.
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