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Every company has its own problems, yet all companies have the same:
resources, quality, cost, time.

With our satisfy education model we pursue a clear mission - we offer an education model, which enables organizations and people to shape their future in a self-determined way. With "satisfy " you get what you are promised - we enable you to develop a healthy organization and thereby achieve a high level of customer satisfaction. To achieve this goal we put you in the center of our mission!

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Why you should trust us

We enable you to independently view your organization holistically and to recognize the need for action because....

...we impart knowledge, not just theory.
...we provide practical relevance to your professional environment.
...we know the digital and agile challenges involved in using and adapting the methods
and procedures we teach.

Scaled Agile Bronze Transformation Partner

mimacom consulting is an accredited SAFe partner. Find out more on the official page.

Our satisfy model

Modern approaches such as digitalization and agile transformation or working methods are integrated in a practical and customer-oriented way.
We have set ourselves the task of developing a holistic education model, the satisfy model, that combines both classic and agile values and principles. These are treated and anchored in all our course modules.
You can trust that we have integrated this approach into our education concept in such a way that you will be able to apply models, frameworks and methods independently, as well as to make individual adjustments and develop them further.

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23. & 24.11.2020

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Our upcoming courses

All courses can be conducted specifically for your company only! If you are missing a course or do not find a suitable date please contact us.

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