Innovation 4D: Systematic InnovationAdvantage for your Business

Henry Ford's quote perfectly describes your conundrum designing new offers or improving existing ones:

People think in solutions without knowing the options.

As an innovative organization you are thus facing two challenges:

Our seasoned experts in Design Thinking (DT), Systematic Inventive Thinking (SIT), Lean Innovation, Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and Scrum of Scrum (SoS), just to name a few of the methods we use, are looking forward to have a look at your challenges from a fresh perspective and tackle them with you to create actions and improvements. From workshops and targeted coachings to organization-wide trainings and transformations to agile organizations we empower clients form many fields an industries. Together we go strong: You are the experts of your clients and procucts and together we can create a culture for your teams to enact your vision beyond imagination.

How do you disrupt the market with innovations today? Claim your first workshop to identify potential and design actions today. It is on us!

1. Doing the right thing
2. Doing things right

"If I had asked people, what they wanted they would have said faster horses." - Henry Ford

Your potential



You and your teams are experts of your products, customers and markets and have many great ideas. We can help you create market successes, sales and profits from them. Our seasoned experts are looking forward to crafting and enacting new strategies and solutions for you. For you to be the future.

Challenges from recent projects

  • Strategy: How to develop a cristal clear strategy covering the three horizons of growth? How to communicate our vision for all teams to know how to contribute to our success? How to optimize time to optimizie today's revenue engine and drive the future of your organiziation?

  • Strucuture: How to optimize processes to facilitate innovation successes, make them repeatable and learn how to make your organization a more efficient innovator? How to incentivize teams in different stages of product adoption for best results? How to decentralize decision processes to accelerate innovation teams?

  • Culture: How to create a culture where colleagues see change as chance and actively drive change? How to reward the courage to do experiments and quickly validate hypothesis to weed out unfeasible or undesirable ideas before sums of money are at risk?

  • Knowledge: How to elicit latent needs of potenial customers, design and test desirable solutions? How to keep your staff up to date with the latest best practices to empower your teams to go beyond what's possible today?


Our offer to you


We propose a combination of methods tailored to your specific situation and needs. Leveraging proven innovation frameworks from Design Thinking to Systematic Inventive Thinking we enable you to extract latent needs from research, experiences, observations, interviews and immersion. Building on this foundation you quickly come up with a host of approaches to solve promising issues. With frameworks like Lean Innovation enables you leverage an evidence based approach to validate hypothesis, elicit the most valuable solutions, assess their market potential and scale their adoption quickly. Agile teams break down your approach to deliver value form the outset, learn from actual feedbacks and quickly adapt to new findings and trends.

Together with our experts from Business Acceleration and Lean Forward we empower you to drive the transformation of your workplace to an agile organization attracting and retaining talent.

Our network

mimacom consulting is a spinoff from the international mimacom group. It is the source of our experience to drive your solutions to success. Togehter with our vast network, it allows us to offer you required resources at scale to push your solutino across the finish line. 

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