SME Digital - Find your own way!

We are your digital sparring partner along your path of digital transformation - so you can concentrate on the essential!

In order to guide you along this path we have developed a digital toolkit. With our toolkit, we do not sell tools, but help you find the right ones for your organisation.


Isolated applications as problem cause

Problems are often caused by:

  •  Tools support sub-processes, but not the entire company process (end-to-end)

  •  Existing tools cannot interact & communicate with other systems (automation)

  •  Interfaces and media breaks are intercepted by repetitive typing

  •  Overpriced IT infrastructure & support costs

Value Proposition


"We make sure that only the most suitable and cost-effective tools optimally support your processes"


"We will develop a tailor-made long-term strategy to ensure that you are ready for the digital future"


"We are establishing a transparent corporate culture, with self-organized teams and a high sense of responsibility"

Our offer

  • Reduction of IT infrastructure & support costs   

  • Holistic analysis & optimization of the tool landscape

  • Evaluation & recommendation of new tools

  • Chief Digital Officer (CDO) as a service 

  • Forward-looking digitalisation concept

  • Concrete catalogue of measures along the strategic alignment

  • Balance between stability & flexibility

  • Introduction of Business Agility, Kaizen or Lean Management

  • Security, transparency & trust

  • Digitisation is perceived as potential

Let's find your way to digitalisation!


The path to digital transformation is as unique as your company itself. But the approach is always the same: a clear insight of your own processes, the most suitable tools, motivated employees and a explicit vision of your own future.