MMMust (Muda-Mura-Muri)



Waiting times, search times, disturbances, amount of information, transport, creativity, knowledge, health, environment, transparency, unclear objectives, technology, stocks, interfaces, working procedures, errors



The deviation or imbalance "Mura" stands for losses due to missing or not complete harmonisation of capacities or services. Losses in the sense of "mura" can be caused by queuing or by not optimally utilised capacities, i.e. non-process-related idle times.



"Muri" stands for overload. It refers to losses caused by overstrain (e.g. stress, overfatigue, too much work, plant malfunction) during the work process, which can affect the individual employee, the team or the entire organisation.

Course Information

Your challenge
- Despite agile methods and procedures, the internal cost view is not improving.
- Despite agile frameworks and mindsets and many principles, the "way of dealing" and the results from collaboration are not yet where you want to be.
- Employees complain about overload - resource conflicts and dissatisfaction
- "you want to" but somehow you can't get it flying

Our solution
A basis for all working procedures and cooperation models are the 3M which we have summarized as MMMust.
Even in the days of Toyota people were aware that performance can only be achieved if there is harmony and balance between the 3Ms.
In the last 20 years and especially in the current time of digital, agile transformation and scaled models, this very topic seems to have "gone under". With this training module we would like to give the 3M back the status in the organization that it deserves.

Our online daily agenda
- Welcome and evaluation of the preparatory tasks (Muda)
- Introduction and overview of the historical development
- Lean Management, Kaizen and Kanban
- Muda - Muda - Muri
- Agile frameworks and methods
- Case studies and practical application
- Questions, answers and take with it

Your benefit
- The basis for the continuous improvement especially in the agile but also in the classic models are the 3M which you can take with you from the course in order to get your base back on its feet and get your company back on its feet.
- Transparency - you get the mechanisms to work out the figures, data and facts of the 3M to get things moving.
- Better basic understanding of the methods and frameworks based on this.

Interest and great understanding of the topic and willingness to learn.

Target group
All those who want to learn more about the topic.

You will receive a mimacom Consulting Education course confirmation.

Are delivered electronically.

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01.09.2020 / 15.10.2020 / 27.11.2020

08:30 - 12:00 & 13:15 - 16:45
CHF 880 (exkl. VAT)
Number of participants is limited!