Somewhere out there lurks a competitor that could cost your company its life. This competitor is more agile, more flexible, more customer-friendly - or simply has a different approach to customers. And you are usually trapped in your existing structures, processes and thinking patterns and can't do anything about it.


In 2020, it wasn't a competitor, but a virus (corona) that has terrified many companies and challenged many business models. The good thing is that they do not have to wait for a crisis to present themselves as an established company to the potentially most dangerous competitors and develop measures. This is exactly the scenario our Nightmare Competitor Workshop reflects.


Nightmare Competitor -

Bring your worst nightmare to life

Image by Julius Drost


  • We take on the role of the competitor, undermine our own business model and see our own business destroyed.

  • We identify the weaknesses of your current core business.

  • After you have described your competitor in detail and brought them to life, you can see what they do better than your own business. Based on a comparison of competencies, you will uncover and examine the current strengths and weaknesses of your company.

  • We develop best case & worst case scenarios to show you the possible future.

  • Joint follow-up and (if desired) the implementation of the insights gained.

Image by Maxim Hopman

Outcomes & your benefit

  • ​A practical solution to the "Innovator's Dilemma".

  • Realizing how to cannibalize your own business.

  • Concrete measures and ways to successfully revolutionize your business and cannibalize it where necessary.

  • Support in practical implementation.

Logistics & who to bring

This workshop is suitable for all companies that prefer to cannibalize themselves and become active instead of waiting passively for the attack.

Participants:    6 - 10 people, ideally from middle and senior management, Board of Management (CxO), additionally 2-3 people

                          from other business units

Duration:         1 - 2 days

Place:                Bern or Zurich, other places by arrangement

During the corona restriction, we also offer this workshop in our proven online format upon request

Interested? Get in touch!, +41 31 329 09 00