SAFe® Overview

Your challenge

  • This framework offers them more possibilities and options than those which they can use effectively.

  • Understanding the SAFe® top-down principle and the bottom-up mechanism is essential and not trivial

  • With Ver. 5.0, SAFe® has focused on business agility and the dual operating system, what this means for your company and its transformation.

  • Operational versus Development Value Stream - where are my services.

Our solution
We do not see SAFe® as the only or even best agile scaling framework.
But we know how you can benefit from this approach without throwing everything overboard. We understand the Value Stream (link to other course) topic for over 15 years and know how to use it correctly and efficiently especially in today's digital environment.

Our online agenda

  • Welcome and evaluation of the preparatory tasks

  • Introduction to the SAFe® Framework (Understanding Principle & Mechanism)

  • SAFe® Core Values, Principles and Business Agility

  • 7 Core competencies of SAFe®

  • SAFe® Roles and Collaboration

  • Functionality Agile Release Train (ART) & PI Planning

  • Agile Teams - Functionality and Performance

  • Questions, answers and take with it

Your benefit

  • Understand the SAFe® Framework in order to be able to manage the associated efforts of introduction, transformation, operation and own development more efficiently.

  • This course also serves as preparation for the first official Leading SAFe® Course or

  • Simply as a "taster course" to get to know the SAFe® Framework for the first time.

  • Even experienced SAFe® people appreciate this course very much, because it explains the framework in a different, very pragmatic and understandable way and puts the missing puzzle pieces together.


Interest in the topic and willingness to learn.

Target group
All those who want to learn more about the topic. All those who have something to do with the SAFe® Framework.

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08:30 - 12:00 & 13:15 - 16:45
CHF 880 (exkl. VAT)
Number of participants is limited!