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Your instructor - Javier Baiges

Javier Baiges aquired his understanding of the basics of classical Kaizen at the Kaizen Institute under the management of Masaaki Imai. Topics such as Lean Management, TPM (Total Productive Management) Lean Administration were just as much a part of the course as the training as Trainer & Coach. His knowledge was applied and deepened in a practical way in different sectors such as the pharmaceutical industry, heavy industry, various production workshops and service companies.

Since 2015 his focus has increasingly shifted to agile topics. Experience in various areas of application has shown that both the classic variants and agile methods must be individually adapted to the individual companies, because dogmatic adherence to only one approach is not conducive to achieving the desired results.

Javier developed the satisfy Education Model from these theoretical basics and the practical experiences to a holistic system, which allows the user to understand the complex system of a company in a holistic way, in order to apply and further develop methods from the course modules individually as required.

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Picture: Javier Baiges together with Masaaki Imai.

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