The consultant network of mimacom consulting is formed around three clusters including Innovation Advantage, Business Acceleration and Lean Forward. The services we offer in these clusters allow us to cover the complete value creation process of an organisation.

Our Innovation Advantage services usually stands at the beginning of a transformation journey. Our Business Acceleration services is essential to make a change sustainable and our Lean Forward services create the actual new revenue source.

You can choose to obtain our services in all areas or select services individually to suit your needs.


Drive the market with innovations that solve customer needs, provide technological advantage and deliver economic return.

We enable you to start practical innovation today.

What will your customers demand be tomorrow? What is your competition going to offer? And where is your next market? Our Innovation Advantage services grant you access to our spin-off's approach to innovation. Let us empower your employees with the tools and environment to innovate with confidence. 

Core topics: Design Thinking, Rapid Prototyping, Set-Based Approach, User Story Mapping, Workshop Facilitation Tools


Transform your organisation to cope with today's fast paced and complex world of business.

We enable you to accelerate the speed of decisions and reduce waste.

Are your competitors reacting faster to new market situations than you? Do your change initiatives lose steam before being fully implemented? Are you under a high pressure to increase productivity? Our Business Acceleration specialists proficiently identify your bottlenecks, make them transparent and start transforming your corporate culture.

Core topics: Enterprise Agility, OKRs, Lean Assessment, SAFe, Leadership, Management Coaching.


Reap the full team-level benefit of agile methodologies.

We enable your teams to be self-organised, achieve their objectives and deliver business value.

Does it take too long until you see results? Are you always busy micromanaging? Would you like to have self-organised teams that are continuously delivering? If this is the case for you, our Lean Forward specialists are happy to provide you with their expertise in agile methodologies and lean product development to support you in building up and coaching your teams.

Core topics: Scrum, Business Agility, User Centered Design, MVP-Approach, User Testing, Scrum-at-Scale, Continuous Delivery, Kaizen.