Are you looking for a challenging opportunity? Are you in search of an employer that allows you to be a true intrapreneur? Then mimacom consulting is the right organisation for you!

We are a growing team of intrapreneurs. Together, we are responsible to drive a sustainable growth
for our clients, for our organisation and for us as individuals - therefore enabling us to shape our lives.


Junior Consultant Innovation


Lean Forward


Benedikt Amacker

Ben is a seasoned IT professional with more than 20 years of experience. Before founding mimacom consulting Ben held the role of CEO at mimacom Switzerland. Ben has been interested in agile methodologies since the very beginning. His focus is enterprise agility. Thanks to his extensive knowledge in organisational development and IT delivery, he is the perfect candidate to shorten your feedback cycles and foster organisation-wide transparency to enable you to make the right decisions.

Marc Rieben

Marc has extensive experience in innovation and product design practices. Before joining mimacom consulting, Marc worked for another well-known Swiss consulting agency. Thanks to his broad methodological and start-up experience, he is able to orchestrate innovation, to produce the right products for you. Marc took a very active role as intrapreneur by founding and developing our Innovation Advantage cluster.

Lorenz Solothurnmann

Lorenz is our agile Swiss army knife. Being equipped with two master titles, several agile certificates and hands-on experience working in agencies, Lorenz likes to be close to the development process of agile products. Leaning forward, he has a clear focus on improving the agility of business and development teams. He is able to develop your employees into stable agile teams building bleeding edge digital products.

Jennifer Zwyer

Jennifer is the newest addition to our team and eager to develop her business insights, attained in her bachelor's degree and previous employments, into valuable knowledge for any agile transformation. Her project experience, communication skills and motivation will contribute to a successful collaboration.