The Value Stream

Your challenge:

- To be able to concentrate on the essential (customer added value).

- Managing IT complexity.
- Understanding where your most important value stream is and how you can align the company accordingly.

Our solution:
Knowing that the analysis and presentation of the Value Stream is only the small part of the value-adding upcoming metamorphosis, we accompany you with our experience in transformation and in the agile implementation of the defined measures towards your optimal self-controlling Value Stream.

A typical workshop looks like this:

- Introduction to the topic Lean / Value Stream Philosophy

- Recording the requirements and identifying the initial situation
- Creation of a systemic "PIG Pictures"
- Recording of the Value Stream (Big Pictures)
- Continuous retro, establishment and development of the Value Stream
- Value Stream Analytics, evaluation and transfer into
- Agile implementation measures
- Empowerment of employees, organization and processes
- Definition of the next steps
Your benefit from the course:

- Your employees see and understand the Value Stream

- The customer is placed at the centre of their activities
- More time & resources for investments
- And suddenly everything makes sense again

Interest in the topic and willingness to learn.

Target group:
All those who want to learn more about the topic. Everyone involved in an agile or process-oriented form of organization, whether employees, executives, managers or agile coaches.

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27.08.2020 or 05.10.2020
08:30 - 12:00 & 13:15 - 16:45
CHF 880 (exkl. VAT)
Number of participants is limited!